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03 Dec 2020 - 04 Dec 2020

VIRTUAL CONGRESS - Precision medicine: from tumor biology to clinical trials

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Among the many activities undertaken by Italian Society of Cancerology (SIC) in over sixty years of life, the most demanding is certainly the organization of the SIC Conference.

The conference will take place on DECEMBER 3th-4th, 2020 and will have the theme "Precision medicine:  from cancer biology to clinical trials".  Given the pandemic emergency and the resulting restrictions, the congress will be performed in an online format but we expect this will contribute to the participation of an even larger audience. In fact, about 500 researchers and oncologists from all over the country are expected to participate.

Experts in the fields of clinical and molecular oncology from all over the world will discuss and update on the most recent acquisitions relating to the basic mechanisms involved in neoplastic transformation, translational studies on the validation of biomarkers and molecular targets and clinical trials with biological and innovative immunotherapy therapies.

The various sessions will deal with topics such as the state of the art of precision medicine in oncology and resistance mechanisms of drugs, the role of epigenetics and metabolism as possible targets for therapeutic intervention, the role of the microenvironment  and  the  current  development  of  the immunotherapy.

The event  will  consist  of  symposia  and  main lectures. The qualifying element of the 2020 Conference is represented by the presence of a significant number of speakers from foreign countries, both European and non-European.

Event information are available downloading the program.

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